Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bitcoin, viable option vs Stock Bitcoin of Argentina fall

 The stock market of Argentina collapsed this morning with a loss of around 24,000 million dollars, thus losing about 48% of the Merval index. As a result, investors are likely to see Bitcoin as a salvage option, which has been stable for a few days.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Why get a Segwit Bitcoin Wallet?

Did you know that Segwit transactions have lower fees than legacy transactions? Segregated Witness (or Segwit) is the name used for an implemented soft fork change in the transaction format of bitcoin. It was also intended to reduce bitcoin transaction speed by splitting the transaction into two segments. And the transaction size and price decreases.

To do Segwit transactions, you must have a Segwit wallet (these addresses starts with '3' or 'bc1') then you can save from 20 to 70% transactions fees. For this reason, all MyTakin Bitcoin wallets implements Segwit technology to reduce users fees.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Bitcoin recovers its price in the face of tensions between United States and China

In the midst of the tensions produced by the trade war between the United States and China. There is a clear winner, Bitcoin, which has recovered its price to 12,000 USD again. Amid the biggest drop in the Yuan price in recent years, it dragged several of the Fiat-based indicators, such as Dow Jones and Nasdaq, down 2.9% and 3.4% respectively, however Bitcoin increased 6%.

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